• I saw the CFMH sign on the rail trail many times as I passed by on my runs, and became intrigued when after seeing a group of crossfitters rolling huge tires in front of me as they cheered each other on. After months of talking about it, I finally sent an email to Justin telling him I was ready to start (the first week of January – so cliché). Just a few months after joining CFMH, I shaved more than 1 minute/mile off of my half marathon time. I had been running for three years, and the only thing I had done differently was attend crossfit a few times a week. I firmly believe that the quick bursts of crossfit workouts, incorporating weight lifting and cardio, have made me a faster runner and helped me to maintain my recent major weight loss without strict portion control. The supportive family atmosphere is not something you will ever find at a traditional gym – no one has ever told me ‘good job’ or cheered me on at Planet Fitness. At CFMH you will do things that a traditional gym can’t offer, things you never dreamed you would be able to do – handstand pushups, throwing a 14 pound ball in the air, continuous jumping onto a 20 inch high box, 400m dashes, and swinging kettlebells. Sometimes you might feel like you’ll vomit, but strangely, you will consider that a good thing! Running will always be my first love but crossfit makes me better at it. I’m so grateful to be a part of CFMH.

  • I just want to echo what Chris said about CFMH. Justin was awesome and super quick to respond to my email to come in as a drop in. I’m in town for the holiday from Crossfit Reston. When I came in it felt like I was back in Reston. I was greeted by Justin and then introduced to Ryan and a few others. Great box, great coaches, and an awesome group of people. I’ll be sure to see you guys again at Christmas !

    Keith Maddock
  • Today I worked out at CFMH. I can’t say anything but GREAT things about this place. I would encourage and recommend this box to anyone. Everyone from the athletes to the coaches are nothing but helpful and supportive. I was up here on vacation from Bay Ridge Crossfit in Brooklyn and wanted to do a drop in. I couldn’t be more happy that I came here. They are very welcoming and make you feel apart of their family. Great staff, great people and a great gym. CFMH will be seeing more of me , that’s for sure.

    Chris Oriz
  • So it’s been exactly one year since I started at CFMH. On day one we did a 12 minute version of Cindy and I used a green AND blue band to do my pullups. Last night (even though I came in dead last in the whole box!) I did all 55 pullups with no assistance, and prior to that, in the skill, PRed on a split jerk with 175 lbs. There are SO many things I can do now that I couldn’t do 3 months, 6 months or a year ago and my body is stronger than ever. I just wanted to take a moment to give a big thank you to Justin and all the coaches and lots of love to everyone CFMH :)

    Joe Turic
  • Late March 2011 I hear a friend of mine is opening a “gym” in Highland. I have done nothing in seven years or so since my last surgery except lose 50 pounds. My surgeons suggested if I wanted my shoulders to make it to old age, I give up my old lifestyle, and protect these joints as much as possible. That sounded fine because golf could take the place of weight lifting, hockey and all the things that made me, me. Well if any of you know me, that could not satisfy me for a lifetime and it didn’t. So I go see this “gym” and think its nice but not quite what I was used to seeing in a “gym”. Justin talks me into giving it a try and I start listing every detail of why I probably couldn’t do all these exercises because of my “disabilities” and that pull ups and push ups would never cut it. Pressing a five pound dumbbell overhead was quite a struggle with a significant amount of discomfort. Not pain but discomfort. So, I give it a week and literally lose my mind because I might have found some way to work out and get in fairly good shape. Justin suggests I bring my wife Kim in for a try. I leave the “BOX” so stoked, I tell her get the checkbook out we are joining. Again, if you know me, this is no real surprise. I told her Justin gets it. He said we could scale any WOD to meet my needs, and he would make me better. I was very self conscious going in the beginning, but soon realized these people were suffering the same as I was. Everyone was cheering me on to finish, giving me high fives even though I was last. I began to feel like this was very similar to my hockey and football days. What great teammates. You see, CrossFit may be the sport of fitness and there is a certain amount of friendly competition that naturally happens, but we are friends first and care for each other. These are not just people we work out with they are my CFMH family and I care for them as family. We succeed and fail together, we strive to make each other better every day with every rep. I’m not the strongest or fastest in our “Box” but I will give my best every time I’m there. Why, because everyone around me will do the same. We count every rep on every exercise because we strive to be better every day. Do not be scared off by this, your best effort is good enough. Lets fast forward to now, March 2012. Kim and I have been members of CFMH since last year. I really don’t know where to start. Everything is better. My strength, metabolic conditioning and overall general health are tremendous. If you know me, some may say my mental health is questionable, but I think that’s much better also. I now realize that health and fitness are not determined by waist size or a reading on a scale, but how my body functions in space and time. CrossFit makes your body function better in all of your everyday activities. So if you are reading this you are at least wondering if CrossFit is for you? The answer is CrossFit is for everybody. Justin “gets it” he has proven to me that he can work with anybody and make them better. If you are willing to work hard and make yourself better, this is for you. Give it a try. 3-2-1- GO

    Joe Defillipo
  • Last summer I began looking for something to shake up my workout routine. I was a fairly typical college student in terms of exercising; I would force myself to go to the school gym a couple times a week, take exercise classes here and there, but never pushed myself or saw any change in my fitness level or weight. I was hoping to find something for the summer that would mildly interest me so I could move a little after work and not feel guilty for spending the rest of the night on the couch. I had no idea I would find so much more when I joined CrossFit Mid Hudson. Since joining CFMH, I have lost 40 pounds. I have run a 5K. I have gained muscles I never knew I had. But more than that I’ve also gained a mental fitness and attitude where I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Not only has the physical nature of the exercise reformed my body and mind, but I have gained an entire community. The entire CFMH community and especially the owner and head trainer Justin is so passionate and supportive, encouraging everyone to reach their own personal goals. Everyone urges everyone else on, no matter their physical abilities – it’s all about YOU getting better and pushing yourself harder than YOU did the day before, regardless of where you’re starting from. This spilled over for me from physical exercise to all other parts of my life. I was able to finally start eating healthy and taking care of myself from the support from all the CrossFit Mid Hudson members. Now that all these pieces are clicking together my life has changed completely and I know I’m getting healthier and stronger every day. Running for me has always been a challenge. I have never been good at it, and always assumed I couldn’t overcome it. When I first started at CFMH, the 400 meter route we use as a single element in a workout seemed like the longest trek and would leave me completely winded. But slowly after several weeks it got easier and more manageable. Then I specifically remember one day after the workout, several people were planning on going for a 2 mile run and asked if I wanted to come along. No, I immediately answered, I can’t do that. 2 miles? AFTER the workout?? No, they were crazy. But Justin urged me to go, and I thought, okay, I’ll run for a bit then walk as far as I can, why not. And I can remember running down the path, feeling my breath staying in check. First one minute, then two minutes, then five minutes. Before I knew it I had run to the bridge, one mile away, without stopping. Perhaps this doesn’t seem like a long ways but for me as someone so convinced I could never run this astounded me. At that moment I knew how much I had gained in my fitness without even realizing. And I knew I could keep setting and achieving higher and higher goals and that they were actually achievable. Before I knew it, Justin was asking me to run an official 5K with him and other CFMHers. Finishing that 5K and running the entire time is one of the greatest personal achievements I’ve ever fulfilled. The support and encouragement I got along the way from Justin (he ran every step of the way alongside me) and everyone at CFMH made it possible. I haven’t gotten sad about graduating from college in May, and I’m excited to start the next phase of my life and move to NYC, but I am already so sad to even think about the day I’ll have to leave CFMH. I have found such an amazing supportive home here and I’ll never forget all the people that I’ve grown to love and who’ve helped me discover my own potential. The mindset and mental stamina you gain from CrossFit is unlike anything else I’ve found, and it has truely changed my life.

  • Two years ago, I couldn't do a rope climb. I was afraid to put more than 55lbs on my barbell because I didn't think I was strong enough. I didn't know how to pace myself on the rower. One year ago, I couldn't do a single pull up. I could back squat 155lbs. I was excited when my clean hit 100lbs. My deadlift was a heavy 270lbs. Currently, I can do multiple rope climbs in a WOD. I row 500 meters in well under 2 minutes. I can do 50+ pull ups in a workout. My back squat is 200lbs. My clean is 155lbs. My deadlift is 310lbs. There are no words to explain what CrossFit has done for me. I am stronger, physically and mentally. I'm more confident. I have learned how to love me again. And damn it, I am pretty badass. I have met some amazing people and formed close friendships again. I have been allowed to be myself without judgement. Thank you will never be enough for the person who convinced me to join, the coaches (George Prisco, Tracey Jordan Baker, Levia Sullivan, Mike Canino - and you too, Justin Stauss) who believe in me when I have trouble believing in myself, and the community of ridiculously awesome people.

  • Often, Moms are so busy taking care of their kids, we forget that we matter too. We forget that if we don’t take care of ourselves (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc), we won’t be able to take care of anyone else. Two and a half years ago, I was there. I was out of shape, had no social life, and rarely did anything for myself because I was so focused on keeping my kids happy and healthy that I forgot about me. And one morning, I woke up and said: “fuck this!” I set out to lose weight and eat healthier. I managed to lose about 60lbs walking, and eventually switched to running. I started to plateau, and with 2 months of poking and prodding, Nicholas D'Angelo convinced me to watch a class at CrossFit MidHudson. I signed up for an intro class. That first class, with George Prisco coaching, was all that I needed to persuade me to sign up. The community at CrossFit Mid Hudson is like nothing I’ve ever been a part of before. We aren’t just people who work out in the same building like you find in most gyms. We are a family. We encourage each other, coach each other, are proud of each other and are genuinely happy for each and every accomplishment each member makes. I am the most me I have been in a very long time, and I attribute that to CrossFit.

    Danielle Dapp