February 22, 2017


WOD 22

22 Veterans a day die by suicide. In order to promote awareness and show our Nation’s heroes they are not alone please join us in the Official 22 WOD to End Veteran Suicide.

Our hope is to make this an annual event to stop the madness of 22 veterans taking their own life every day.

We have modified the time because of open week but still wanted to be part of a great cause.

Emom for 22 minutes
Use one bar: 95/75

Air squats
Push ups
Sit ups
Pull up/ring pulls
Goblet squat
KB/db snatch
Push press
Box jump
Med ball clean
Toe to bar/knee to elbow
Overhead squat
Kettle bell swing
Hand stand push up/wall walk/HSPU off box
Burpee over bar
Power snatch
Bar hang for as much of the minute as you can. If you drop, do Burpees for the rest of the minute.
Row for calories or rope climb

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